Membership Program

Membership Program

At Samatva Healing, our membership program is designed to offer ongoing support and guidance for those seeking to release negative karmic energies and align with their soul purpose. Membership includes access to a range of karmic healing services, including personalized sessions, workshops, and group events.

As a member, you will receive a personalized healing plan, tailored to your individual needs and goals. You will have access to ongoing support from our team of experienced karmic healers, who will work with you to release negative karma and cultivate positive energies and patterns.

Membership also includes exclusive access to our online community portal, where members can connect with each other, share experiences and insights, and access additional resources and tools for healing and transformation.

In addition, members will receive discounts on all Samatva Healing services and products, as well as priority booking for popular events and workshops.

At Samatva Healing, we believe that healing is a journey, and our membership program is designed to support you every step of the way. We invite you to join our community of karmic healers and discover the transformative power of karmic healing.

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